Colossians 1:15-20

Happy Mother’s Day - A Poem by BG White:

a mother

the one who held you tight as you cried at night

the one who kissed you true when you were sad and blue

the one who brushed your tears and calmed all your fears

the one who held your hand and walked you through the strange lands

the one who scolded you first to save you from your hurtful thrist

the one who caressed your cheek after your awful week

the one who fought in your place to help you save face

the one who worked for hours to keep your belly from sour

the one who never slept just to keep your house all kept

A mother is one whose work is never done, she may seem tired and worn but 
her Love burns like a furnace, churning because God has placed an ember of 
His own Love within her for her children. It can not be quenched. 
That is why we long for the touch of our mothers, the voice of our mothers
the tender words we long to hear as we need and reach out for her.