How to use the on-line Firebrand Community

Use these steps to use the online firebrand community tools. Community wall, Groups, Notifications, Direct Messages, Directory, and Classes: 

2. To register click on the blue profile icon on the top right, it looks like this -> Then select the Register button in the off-canvas section. Fill in the registration form.

3. To Login type Username and Password (or login with Google or Facebook)

5. Click on Community in the main menu once you are logged in.

6. To check Notification Alerts click on the blue profile icon on the top right


10. Click on My Groups under the Community tab, or At the top of the page feed. Navigate to groups you'd like to join.

11. To view the church Directory click on Directory under the Community tab in the main menu.

12. To view the online classes click on Classes in the main menu.