Jeremiah 29:11


Images from Sunday's Message:
Ezekiel’s Temple Eze47

The 3 rivers in Daniel

Dave William’s Questions

The problem of Greek to English

Psalm 2:12 / Daniel 10:1-21


Here is the map of the three rivers in Babylon. As someone pointed out, they also form an arrow.
3 rivers in Daniel

Here is the Jordan Peterson dream video Alan referenced: 

Isaiah 43:18-19

Our apologies for the poor sound quality in this recording.
Francis Chan’s Balance Beam:

Matthew 25:14-27

The painting from my friend Juliet - “Uncharted Seas, but there will be unwavering mercy.”
Uncharted Seas Painting

Zechariah 1:18-21

An Encouragement from Sweetpea Egge
I had this dream many years ago. My kids were all young and I was a very busy homeschool mama. In my dream there was a huge bull. He had one big horn. He was snorting and angry. I felt that I was asked by the Holy Spirit to jump on it's back and ride it. I did and the bull was subdued.