Discipleship Questions
Discipleship is a command given by Jesus; disciple and be discipled. These questions are designed for those who want to take discipleship to the next level.


Relationships Worksheet
Inter-personal relationships are a critical part of Christian living. This PDF worksheet covers some basic relationship principles.


Conflict Resolution
Alan Jones teaches the Biblical Conflict Resolution on-line class. Sign up for this interactive video class and ongoing discussion group.


Dr Michael Eaton's 47 part systematic theology audio series called The Whole Counsel of God. Get to grips with the powerful enduring doctrines in the Bible.


The Foundation Manual is a hand overview of the foundational doctrines of evangelical Christianity. It is designed as a systematic teaching manual for small groups, one-on-one, and self-teaching.


Reach Out
Discipleship aims to help you get from where you are to where God has called you to be. If you're serious about your walk with Him then we can help you get there. Reach out with questions or let us know when you plan to visit.