Ch1V2 Homework

Homework - Parenting Philosophies

Discussion points for Parents

  • Do you recognise Relativism in our society (the idea that there is no great universal truth or ethic and that everyone should "find their own truth")?
  • What do you think about this philosophy, is it right or is it wrong? 
  • If you think about it as right, does it not then become the great universal truth?
  • What do you think about Permissive Parenting (the idea that if I we just let children express themselves they will will find their own way intuitively)?
  • What do you think of modern Feminism as a social movement and as a life philosophy?
  • Do you recognise Legalistic Parenting philosophies in our culture? Give some examples.
  • What generation are you from? Have you experienced Generational Conflict with any other member of your family?
  • Do you believe that God should separate His Justice from His Mercy?
  • What do you think of this statement: "To show only compassion regardless of actions distorts God in their minds"?
  • Do you believe that humans are born innately good?
  • Do you think that the Kingdom of God can be nurtured inside a family or a society? If so, how?

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