• 1 year old Firebrand

    Firebrand Church is about to turn 1!
    And this week marks our move to Purdy Elementary on Sundays.

    Here are a couple of images marking our first setup and service:

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  • 1st Meeting - Oct 5th

    Really exciting to see the very first meeting of Firebrand Church - October 5th 2014.

    Lot's of new friends and lots of good fellowship time. We're really looking forward to next Sunday and to what God wants to do in Gig Harbor.

    meeting 1 pano






    coffee time   worship practice    message


  • 2019 was the year

    2020 800

    Nothing in 2019 came easy, there have been some setbacks, but some significant victories too.

    In many ways 2019 reminded me a lot of the whole decade just past. At the very end of 2009 my family and I moved to Gig Harbor in Washington State from Johannesburg, South Africa. The most difficult thing I have ever done!
    By God’s Grace we are still here, I'm not in the best of shape, but we have survived and we’ve had the privilege of bringing God’s Kingdom with us.

  • 4th of July party at the Beach Lab


  • A Message to the People of the Unsurprisable God

    IMG 3584 1

    In heaven there is no Situation Room, there is no Disaster Recovery Plan, and no one is selling insurance! Do you know why? Because God is Unsurprisable! Page after page in the scriptures we are reminded that nothing takes The Creator by surprise.

    So then, in the light of that truth, how do we believers (those who call themselves by the name of this Unsurprisable God) handle international crises like the one we're facing now?

  • Are You In A Season of Molting?

    julian hanslmaier lYMbHxtntRo unsplash

    Webster’s defines “molt” as the “casting off or shedding of feathers, skin, or the like, in the process of renewal or growth.” I see it first-hand as my chickens go through a molt in the early Fall. For a few days, they lose piles of feathers, then they are almost naked for a few days. They look horrible and miserable. However, when the whole process is finished, they look young and beautiful again with clean, strong, new feathers which will keep them well-insulated through cold winter months.

    This year, as I watched my chickens go through the molting process, I saw it as a picture of my own life in Christ lately. The Lord seems to be ridding me of my old ways of dealing with life that are not helpful for my faith in Him. My “old feathers” need shedding to allow the new, healthy, strong ones to replace them.

  • Authority of the Believer

    As we look at our identity as The Children of God it’s really important to understand our authority and to be able to exercise it. Sharon Gakin wrote a great article explaining her experience exercising her spiritual authority over demons (see below). 
    Jesus encountered demons, and so will we. They are active all over the world, but we don’t have to fear them; Jesus gave us authority over them: Mark 16:17 "And these signs will accompany those who believe: in my name they will cast out demons; they will speak in new tongues;
  • Christmas Potluck and Carols

    Come join us after church on December 21st for some carols and a potluck lunch.

    Invite friends and family, get the event downloadfrom the calendar.


  • Church Planting News : Christ Light London


    PhilSamExciting partnering church plant news!

    Philip and Samantha Quinn, who have been leading an inner-city site of Cornerstone Church in Johannesburg for eight years, are now planting a church in the city of London in 2018. The church is going to be called Christ Light London.

    Phil and Sam are very excited about this plant, but there's a lot to do leading up to it. So there are few things you can join them in prayer for:

  • Colossians Pt 21 - Us

    The final in the Colossians series.

    Here is the link to Ian Mckellar’s book: Now We Really Live.
    Now We Really Live

  • Deacons

    Firebrand plans and a quick summary of Deacons
  • Dr Michael Heiser

    September 8th Dr Michael Heiser was with us and shared two sessions with us.

    1. Cosmic Geography and 2. The Two Powers in Heaven

  • Ephesians


  • Gifts of The Spirit

    3 part Gifts of The Spirit series from Nov / Dec 2014 is ready for streaming or download:


  • God's Vision for His Church - Paul MacMunn

    Proverbs 29:18

  • How to Build a Strong, Healthy Church

  • How We Build - Mike Rosneau

    1 Corinthians 3:9-17

  • Impact Our City

    1 Timothy 1:12-16-

  • Letter from Russ & Mary Doty


    RussMaryDear friends,

    We have decided to send this email to you as a friend who has had a part in praying, prophesying and partnering with us in our next step.  As you know, for the past year we have been stirred and prodded by the Holy Spirit to prepare for change. While continuing to serve as elders at RCC (which we LOVE), we have been diligently seeking Him (along with Terry and Sandy Kreuger) regarding what His dreams are for us.

    God has spoken clearly and supernaturally to us that we are to be part of planting a church in Launceston, Tasmania, Australia.  Tasmania??? 
    Why Tasmania?!  Only because Jesus has said Tasmania! Aren’t we too old to plant a church? That’s what we thought! Apparently, Jesus thinks differently.
    He has spent much of the last 9 months dealing with our hearts in bringing us back to a place of total trust in Him and a willingness to obey His directions, even if it means being stretched and uncomfortable. Many of the relating churches in Australia have been praying for years to see churches planted in Tasmania, the southernmost island state of Australia. Now seems to be the time!

  • Male Voice Dexterity

    29ACFC92 92BA 4AF2 91A2 C9BC73369839Six year old Bridger Walker is my hero, if I ever grow up I want to be like him (see article link below). He’s not perfect, I’m sure. He has character flaws and he makes mistakes like we all do, but when it counted he knew how to meet violence with appropriate violence, not too much, not too little; like a man, he had control of the full range of his voice.

    In July 2020, Bridger’s younger sister was attacked by a dog. Bridger came to her rescue, leading her away and helping her hide from the dog and taking the full brunt of the attack on his own body. I’m sure he fought back with all the strength available to him. But he still received 90 stitches for his efforts, the World Boxing Counsel awarded him the honorary title of Heavyweight Champion calling him “the bravest man on earth.” 
    What impressed me most about Bridger is that when he saw his sister being attached he stopped to think, the tiniest fraction of a second; and what he thought was: “If someone has to die, I think it should be me.”
    I believe Bridger made that choice long before this incident, without the aid of a sociology degree, a class in moral philosophy, or a state education this boy had decided to be male in the full range of its ethic. 

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