What a Weekend with Marcus and Adele

We've just had a wonderful weekend of ministry with Marcus and Adele Herbert from Cornerstone, accompanied by Glenn van Rooyen. And this was on the back of a great session with Michael Heiser last weekend, I have uploaded Dr Heiser's sessions here.

I'd like to take a bit of time to summarize our weekend and to leave Marcus' notes on the website for those who would like a copy of his notes.


Godly Manhood and Womanhood: Act like MEN
Saturday Marcus and Adele addressed the concepts of Godly Manhood and Womanhood separately with the men and the women.
Marcus' notes are available here for Registered Users only (you need a login).

Sunday Morning: The Ministry of Reconciliation (Ambassadors of Christ)
Listen to this message and get the notes here.

Leader's Meeting: The 4 Essentials
Sunday evening Marcus focused the leadership's attention on these 4 essentials.
You can download the notes here for Registered Users only (you need a login).

I recommend taking the time to review these notes so that we keep in step with The Spirit as He leads us on!