Onward Now

By Barry G. White


In the throes of another day

What is it that you cannot say

Have you really considered the trees?

They dance so gently through the breeze

Winds may blow with ferocious sound

Yet there they are planted in the ground

The storm grows stronger across the land

Roots run deep and still it stands

Caught you are in the grasp of fear

When the roads before you are quite clear

Foolish child you’re so scared to fail

Alone you sit to moan and wail

Strength your given many times over

Onward now, walk tall and sober

Open your mouth and hear the roar

Wings you’ll spread and begin to soar

Like the oak you’re mighty and strong

Lift your eyes and sing this new song

Jesus my strength, my hope and my rock

He is my shepherd and I am his flock

He leads me in Love, Truth and Might

Though darkness surrounds He is my Light

He is the victor and I am His prize

Onward I march to home in the sky