By Dr Michael Eaton.


Dr Michael Eaton's 47 part Systematic Theology series - The Whole Counsel of God was recorded over 2 weeks in 2006 and 2007 at Cornerstone Church in Johannesburg South Africa.

  1. Listen to all 47 sessions here:
    Full Audio files [Audio]
  2. Download the complete series in 2 parts, MP3 files:
    zipThe Whole Counsel of God - Part 1.zip315.65 MB26/12/2014, 11:14
    zipThe Whole Counsel of God - Part 2.zip244.41 MB26/12/2014, 11:24
  3. Download Michael's 5 part series on Church & State:
    zipChurch & State.zip343.62 MB
  4. Download Michael's 4 part series on the Psalms:
    zipPsalms.zip300.3 MB

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