Jones.jpgAlan is the lead pastor at Firebrand Church.

Alan and Meg were married in 1993 and have one son Daniel. 
Toward the end of 2009 Alan, Meg and Daniel moved to Gig Harbor from Johannesburg, South Africa where Alan served on the eldership team at Cornerstone Church in Johannesburg for 8 years.

In October 2014 Alan and Meg started Firebrand Church together with a team of people.

MikeSweetpeaMike and Sweetpea are Gig Harbor natives, they have been involved in church leadership their entire adult lives. 
Mike joined the Firebrand eldership team in April 2017.

They are founding members of Firebrand and have 5 children. 

JillGroveJill is a deacon at Firebrand Church. Jill co-leads leads Ignite Youth, and looks after our communication. Jill also leads one of our worship teams.

Jill was born in South Africa, when her parents were on mission in the Eastern Cape, and she grew up in Belo Horizonte in Brazil. She moved back to the Pacific Northwest where her family is originally from.

DougBarb.pngDoug and Barb have been married for 26 years and have 2 boys, Michael and David. Doug was born and lived in Washington his whole life. Barb, born in calif, moved to Oregon at age 4 and then to Washington at age 12.

Doug and Barb joined our deacon team in July 2016. Doug looks after the equipment, setup and teardown teams; and Barb takes care of the catering teams. Doug and Barb also lead one of our home groups.


Riley is a worship leader at Firebrand and one of our songwriters. He also co-leads our Youth Group - Ignite with Jill Grove.

Riley is a Gig Harbor native who graduated from Peninsula High in 2016.