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water earth

This is an image that God gave me about 10 years ago. It is a picture of what we would find in America, spiritually and relationally. A dry desertscape. 

Yet God has sent us, all of us, equipped with His Spirit, flowing from us like water on a thirsty ground. To bring life, hope and healing.

A few weeks ago Barry White shared this with me at an Unhurried Worship night, the two pictures seemed to grasp hands with each other over time. God is validating the good work He has begun with us!

Barry White:
"The Word is in you, near you, in your mouth, in your heart.
Buried deep it springs to life when watered, sprouts anew you’ll see.
Young shoots stretching forth seeking the Son and warmth.
The soil of your heart is hard and chapped, long without the water of sustenance.
Yet His hand has tilled with gentle strokes upon this parched ground.
Seeds planted from birth waiting to be uncovered.
Have you not heard? Have you not seen? Why do you walk around as though your blind?
Open your eyes and view the brightness of the Son. You will be overwhelmed by the glow of
His Radiance. His love penetrating, warming your soul from the inside out.
The Master has come to till and cultivate His garden, you are planted in His garden, planted in Love,
Desiring to grown, Watered with His Spirit.
Gently you are pruned with tender hand, He removes the dead leaves to nourish the new stalks.
Your life belongs to God our loving Father and just like a Master Gardener,
He is tending to His growing plants. We are those plants, struggling to survive against
The world that would devour us. Storms, Heat, Frost, Drought and Animal will come but our roots
Are Strong and deep, for we are nourished from within.
We have been given life with an abundant everlasting sustenance."