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Doing Good - In a Troubled World 
A Biblical Ethics series - Starting July 9th 2017

So then, while we have opportunity, let us do good to all people…” Galatians 6:10

  1. Introduction: On being human.
  2. God's Ethics: Idolatry, using God's name, the Sabbath, sin and law, love.
  3. The Family: Ethical bedrock: human love and sexuality, marriage, generations, family.
  4. Life Issues: Killing, war, racism, abortion, suicide and euthanasia, crime and punishment, and a few more.
  5. Ethics in a Vacuum: Metaphysics & secular western philosophy, godlessness, doctrines of demons, light and darkness.
  6. Virtues and Vices: Situational ethics, hidden and visible vices, pride, the cardinal virtues.
  7. Integrity, Prosperity, Poverty and Truth: Work and employment, leisure, integrity, poverty and prosperity, property, truth and deception.
  8. Christians in Society: Church & state, government, activism, schools, the media, other religions.
  9. Fallible Choices: How Christians should differ, evangelism and gentleness, apostolic ethics.

Sunday Mornings 9:30am, Purdy Elementary - July & August 2017

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