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Hi Everyone - Friday Night Home Group is at the Lahana's home this week. Let us know if you're coming for dinner here:
This week we're looking at the 2nd in the Wisdom Literature series, Ecclesiastes - please bring a few of your favorite quotes... from anyone at any time in history.
See you there!
Hello everyone.
Homegroup this week will be at The BeachLab instead of our home.
Also just a reminder that we are on setup / teardown this week. Please sign up where you can here:
Hi everyone. Friday evening we will be at The Grobbelaar's home:
2213 14th Ave NW, Gig Harbor WA 98335

This week we will be discussing The Divine Counsel from The Bible Project videos:

Please RSVP here for dinner:
Hi Everyone
Meg and I will be in Austen TX with Doug and Barb this weekend. Marco and Catherine Brocardo have just launched Hope Rock Church in Austen, we're looking forward to a good time of reconnecting with them and helping with their church plant.
Back at home base:
1. Homegroup will be at the Lahana's home Friday evening, 6:30pm... RSVP here for dinner:
2. Also for Setup/Teardown Nick and Louise will be doing the bulk of it with us and the Reinharts away. If you can, please come early to lend a hand. You can add your name to the roster here:

Praying for a great weekend of ministry!
Hey everyone
Looking forward to Home Group at our house Friday. 6:30pm - RSVP here for dinner:
Our Address is 684 6th Ave, Fox Island WA, 98333
Look forward to seeing you there!
Hi everyone.
Homegroup is on Friday at our place. 684 6th Ave Fox Island WA 98333.
RSVP here if you’ll be joining us for dinner at 6:30.
See you there!
Hey everyone - November is upon us, here is the setup/teardown roster for the month.
Thank you!!
Hey everyone - Today is Firebrand's 4th birthday! Jones' home group tonight 6:30pm at the Grobbelaar's. Let us know if you're coming:
2213 14th Ave NW, Gig Harbor WA, 98335
Hello everyone - HomeGroup is on Friday evening at the Lahana's. Let us know if you're coming here:
Looking forward to seeing you there!
Hi again - I made a mistake this morning on the address for Home Group. We will be at the BeachLab - 6:30 for dinner. Address again is 630 3rd Ave, Fox Island, WA, 98333.

See you there.
Hi everyone

Looking forward to kicking off our HomeGroup on Friday evening at 6:30 at our house - 630 3rd Ave Fox Island WA, 98333 - RSVP here for dinner:

And don't forget we're sharing Kairos moments:
Kairos and Chronos are 2 different Greek words used to describe 2 very different forms of time:
Chronos is the slow, steady progress of time that is measured in seconds, minutes, hours, years, centuries and ages. It’s what we mean when we think about long-term investments, about being late or early, or when we say things like “time will tell”.
Kairos is a very different thing. Kairos denotes those divine moments in time when God seems to intervene in the normal progress of Chronos to deliver something significant, something holy. Kairos is what we mean when we think about divine appointments, miracles, commissioning, or when we say things like “time stood still”.
Moses had a Kairos moment at the burning bush; Peter, James, and John had one at the transfiguration; and they happen to us too. Often we’re in too much of a hurry or we’re too distracted to really notice them, to pay appropriate attention to them. Sometimes they can be tiny little things, a comment from a toddler, a flower or spider’s web we notice. Sometimes they can be a compliment from a friend or a stranger. They can be a warning.
For our first home groups, we’re going to be sharing Kairos moments we’ve had in our lives.
Please bring a Kairos moment to share with the group… It doesn’t have to be ground shaking, it could be a very simple, even common occurrence that God used to get your attention.

Also don't forget to register for Michael Heiser at 2pm on Saturday at the BeachLab, it's getting pretty full and we want to make sure we have enough refreshments:

See you Friday!
Hi everyone
So September is up. We'll be starting up HomeGroup on the 7th, looking forward to that!
I have also put up the setup/teardown and eats roster for the month.
Please feel free to add your name where you are able to help.
Hey everyone, So July is around the corner, and it's our turn for setup / teardown. Here's the link for the roster:
you ever asked the question: Why do bad things happen to good people?... Tonight we'll be discussing that at home group. Join us 6:30 at the Lahana's - RSVP for dinner:
Hi everyone - looking forward to HomeGroup at our house tomorrow 684 6th Ave Fox Island 98333. 6:30pm. RSVP Here:
Tomorrow bring questions, thoughts and inspirations for discussion. I'd love to hear about what you're reading, what scriptures are puzzling you, or any theology points you'd like to discuss.